Friday, March 20

the best part of my job

i'll be honest... my job isn't fucking hard. at all... mostly it consists of mopping up the puke of day-trippers who get all SASed when they hop out of the airlock.

To make this easier, the floor has a grating about 12 inches off of it. This way, the vomit slides through. At the end of each shift, I remove the grating and clean the puke.

Why is this the best detail on the last-class janitor work ladder? because besides dropping their stomach contents, they also drop all their expensive shit: comms, cams, jewelry, and, most wonderfully, cash and ids. IDs can be traded to the kid-gangs on the station for favors. the rest of the swag is either pawned or used. and cash is king.

i also have keys to every god damn place on this rig. the hidden places where the hydro farms are stashed. where the illegals secret themselves. and other things i ain't gonna divulge just yet.

wiggins can go fuck himself... i'm the king of this station

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