Tuesday, March 24

the company he keeps

The scum of the east village, shoreditch, hackney, LES and every other hip, young, trendy fuckbag pretentious part of the world has been skimmed off and deposited in large ladles on my god damn rig!!! (apologies to papa)

I tend not to hang out with other humans on this rig. see, the problem is, rigs attract two types of people:

1) normal people who, owing to some circumstance, need to get away from their home planet. we tend to be poor, occasionally falling foul of the law in an attempt to entertain ourselves.

2) dick bag rich kids, who, just finished with their fancy college educations, want to experience 'real' life, which to them means dressing poor, acting poor, eating well and living in expensive but crappy housing

the first type is increasingly hard to find, the second is spreading everywhere like a fucking mold. everywhere you turn now, this fucking kids are wandering about, writing in their little gay notebooks, drawing pictures, experiencing life. it makes me sick.

i've decided, then, that my only option is to become one of their muses... so from now on, i will hang out in their little bars, cadge drinks and inspire them to write poetry, short stories, holos, paintings, cartoons, blogs whatever... i'll be the fucking Helen of space. stay tuned

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