Sunday, April 26

new fancy ship, same retards at the helm

so, the pride of the new pan-galactic fleet is coming to town. some gigantic starship. it's so god damn big, and so fucking new, that there is no existing port on the station can handle it. instead, the visitors have to tender in on shuttles. naturally, they aren't going to be headed for hangar 23. hooray for small victories.
or so i thought..
apparently, this is a really big deal for captain spacefuck. they won some kind of contest to be the first port of call for the ship. all the internal messages are for us to be on our best behavior, get clean, not be drunk... that sort of thing, as this will be over all the news. hoo-fucking-ray.

and, we all have to pull multiple shifts, to clean up all the nice hangars for the shuttles. 'do our duty for our home' 'be proud of what we do, this is important' maybe for you, spacedick. i couldn't care less. i'm not going to the fancy banquets. i'm not getting the attention, or any of the money from all this... all i get is more work, with the jerks from the fancy parts of the station.

anyway, i saw the first shuttle come in... and i started to wonder. for all their fucking plasma drives and whatever, they still wear unitards... or are they leotards... seriously. we've got self-healing metals, matter manipulators, wormholes and fuck all knows what else, and these schmucks are still wearing onesies. might as well be ballerinas.

some brave new future.

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