Tuesday, April 21

nobody knows how to laugh anymore

so, a while ago i discovered robo-porn. as i said before, it doesn't do much for me, but that doesn't prevent me from watching it whenever i get bored. it's usually good for a laugh.

the other day, i met this particularly attractive alien chick, forgot where she was from, but she had really nice green skin, big fucking eyes and the longest, thinnest limbs you'd ever seen. gorgeous... like a caricature of a human. awesome.

anyway, both of us were drinking at one of the shit bars near hangar 23, and we got to chatting. seemed quite cool, laughed whenever i told her about the shit i get up to around here. was particularly giggly at my attempts to sell that alien baby, or fix a master/slave race, or whatever.

i invited her back to the berth. she consented. fuck yea! we wander back. with aliens, it's always a crapshoot if the equipment fits, so i rarely get my hopes up. since we've been laughing and giggling so much, i thought of something i'd seen the other day, watching robo-porn. it was a video of a damaged porn-bot, whose voice-processor was completely fucked, so whatever was done to it, it would reply 'error, error, error,' non-stop. all that stupid robo-porn dirty talk, and it only came out with 'error, error, error.' anyway, pretty funny... so i decide to show this girl the tape.

that was a big fucking mistake. apparently, she is some kind of robo-sympathizer, which i guess i can relate to, but when she sees me giggling my ass off at these semi-retarded robot taking it in the input port, and then poor skip, going in tiny circles in the corner, she suddenly gets the impression that i may not be the person she thought i was...

anyway, she left.

skips getting better, by the way. every time he hits the point in his travels where he faces the tv, it almost appears that he slows down if robo-porn is on.

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