Thursday, April 16

poor, sad, stupid robot

as you can imagine, the floor of hangar 23 gets pretty fucked up. this is where, after all, they send all the shitty ships, the broken ones that got banged up in asteroid fields, ships with engines falling off them, barely flying, shooting sparks all over the place. it's a mess. sometimes they only just get the doors open and some piece of shit zooms in, clipping the doors and crashing into the wall.

according to some intergalactic law, you gotta have a relatively debris-free floor for safe landings. i think it's like a few grams of litter per square meter or whatever. fuck if i know what it is exactly: see we got this robot, i reprogrammed to answer to Skip, that takes care of it.

Skip is old. old as fuck. management doesn't really give a damn about 23, as have the visitors don't even pay their docking fee. so, skip doesn't get upgraded. basically, he moves in concentric circles (as the hanger is circular) sweeping up all the crap.

until today, that is. poor Skip has finally broken. came into work this morning to find that Skip has been stuck in a rut... literally. some bit of him is fucked up, so he moves in a single circle, and has worn away the floor by six inches, so now he just goes around and around, like some retarded carousel pony. it's really fucking sad. i don't have the heart to turn him off, so i don't know what to do.

i just let him keep going around and around while i did some other shit. luckily it's the slow season, so we haven't had any landings... not sure what will happen

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