Monday, April 20

skip update #1

i heard a nasty rumor that some cadre of space cadets is coming to the station - a kind of convention of losers who, when faced with the option of staying on a planet (shit), staying on a station (really shit), or staying on an interstellar cruiser (complete shit) feel that the cruiser is the way to go. brain damaged.

at any rate, that means all the hangars need to be brought into working order, as the little retards are landing here and taking the fucking place over. conventions like this bring awesome grate swag, but i have a more pressing issue... skip. i gotta get him out of the fucking hangar, but i don't have the heart to deactivate him. so i did what every guardian of a feeb would do, bang on him with a large hammer until something changes.

luckily, it worked. his turning radius is only a few centimeters, so he pretty much stays in place. i've moved him to my berth until i can bribe some whiz kid to fix him proper.

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