Friday, April 24

that poor, fat alien monster girl thing

remember how i had that little wormhole to the paradise beneath my berth? well, owing to some too-clever-for-his-own-fucking-good engineer, it appears that some sections of this station were made with a self-healing alloy. so, my magic portal shut itself. fine, no problem, cuz i've got the antidote, my little robot burden skip.

so, to provide for my morning entertainment, i've taken to setting skip back in the same place to open it up again. i turn him on at night, he whirrs and circles, i have my sweet dreams, then upon waking, i have my hole again.

science would say that it heals at a constant rate, thus the same amount of skip's time would yield the same re-opening of the hole.
it turns out that said engineer didn't care too much for how i understand science,because at about 6am, he fell through the floor crushed this horribly fat alien thing that was washing its weird flabby bits. she got pretty mangled and is now suing the station.

oh well... i managed to get skip back upstairs before anyone saw what what caused it. and it caused so much brain damage to her, that she doesn't remember either.

on the plus side, i managed to get in on the lawsuit, as it's caused a great inconvenience to me.

interestingly, skip seems to be back to normal so i've got him back with me in hangar 23. except he is now afraid of women.

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