Thursday, May 14

the fraternity of man

we just got an all-station memo that morale is at an all-time low... like anyone really gives a fuck.

the administrators decided they wanted to cheer themselves up, so they called a meeting. each department had to send a representative. we played a game of 'rob the tourist' and i, sadly, got the least valuable shit off my mark, so am forced to go.

basically, this meeting is meant to figure out how we can become a happier station... seems more like an airing of the grievances exercise to me. those administrators do nothing but fuck us about, with their pointless procedures, endless bureaucracy and terribly hot, deliciously molestable female employees.

the meeting was up on one of the fancy levels. i decided i needed a few bracers before hand, so stopped in at zargle's gargles for a couple quick ones. after all, this is a day off. headed updecks and took my seat. swanky fucking room, fancy food and drinks. swish way to live, not like us downstairs. i decided to bring this point up, and was told the meeting hadn't started yet.

it went on and on... lots of boring people making boring suggestions...
put flowers on the walls
have a fun day
father pinchy fingers kept touching me as a child, so i am sad
blah bla hblah pussy whiny bullshit

finally, i dozed off and woke up to the most beautiful alien i have ever seen suggesting that we should encourage fraternization between departments. on my feet, i shouted yes! absolutely. why don't you and i fraternize right now?
a few dropped jaws

ok then, let's all fraternize in a big fraternizing orgy.

more slack faces, dull eyes

feeling i lost the crowd, i suggested they all go fraternize themselves then, and left the room.

apparently, i am not to be invited to any more all-company meetings.

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