Monday, May 18

it's like a slow, controlled fall into hell

crazy shit happening here... two nights ago (are they even really nights) the fucking power on the station just shut off... fucking scary...

you never realize how most of the time you are surrounded by noises... well, when stuck in tons and tons of steel and plastic, flying around some planet very quickly, you realize that those noises (generators, hums, lights, whatever) serve a purpose... to drown out the incessant whining, bitching and crying of thousands of aliens who are too stupid and too scared to know what to do.

the entire scene made me sick... everybody was freaking out about the station collapsing out of orbit, people started looting, it was total fucking anarchy. and captain spacefuck, where the fuck was he to be seen? or heard? oh... wait... i know... no power, so we can't see or hear him. i guess management decided it'd be safer for them up on the administrative levels rather than down here with the proles... probably a clever decision.

anyway, power came back up this morning (again, who really knows what time it is). turns out some clown decided to off himself and jumped into the reactor.

drowning in heavy water... can't really change your mind with that one

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