Thursday, May 7

mal-aka's murderous rampage

i was out drinking with mal-aka. he comes from a very harsh, rocky, sandy awful place and resembles something like a gigantic locust dipped in bronze. this tends to make people uncomfortable. on a shit station like this, we get a lot of weird looking visitors, so if people here get freaked out by him, it's a sign that something is different

my personal suspicion is that their discomfort has to do with with his horrifically sharp wings, which are great for their ultraviolent mating dances, but pretty fucking awful in civilized company,

he likes his open space and for good fucking reason... his kind mature on the sandy shithole they're from, then fly up and buzz around space until they die. it's rare to see them not amongst their own kind.

the tragedy of mal-aka is that he never really learned to fly. some kind of deformity, he tells me. personally, i think he just drinks too much and can't get his wings to beat properly. at any rate, he hangs out in the various dingy corners of the galaxy, doing this and that, never venturing between the stars as his lot are meant to.

fine, whatever. i'll collect my strays.

he's usually good fun. yesterday, though, he was awfully twitchy. zargle's gargles is a pretty small place, and he was pretty drunk by the time i showed up. we had some more drinks and out of nowhere, one of his wings spasms, shoots out, and completely severs this pimp who'd been plying his trade on everyone.

his other wing starts getting crazy too, and scrapes against the ceiling, shooting sparks all over the place. sure enough, some furry little fucker with a flammable downy coat is at the bar too, and catches ablaze.

i'm laughing my ass off. mal-aka looks really nervous, and when he gets nervous, he gets twitchy and, you guessed it, starts spasming. it's a vicious cycle.

now it's bedlam, everyone is ducking and running out of the bar, poor mal-aka is desperately trying to keep his wings in order. after about ten minutes, he calms down enough to hid his appendages and looks about. the place is completely trashed. fucking zargle is missing an arm, and there are three severed heads rolling around.

ahh... sunday morning...

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