Friday, May 1

won't someone think of the robots

some war broke out on some fucking planet somewhere, can't be bothered to find out too much about it but, while skimming the news, found it interesting that this entire war was fought with robots. and that the generals and strategists and soldiers were all several planets away, while they were controlling their respective robo-armies.

which got me thinking... can you call anyone a fucking hero in that war, all fought by puppets? i mean, sure, if skip got all mangled doing something to save my life, for example, i'd be impressed, but to skip, it's just part of his programming... you can't call that heroic. no, that's just duty.

so then a hero has to be someone who doesn't want to do something good, but ends up doing, probably inadvertently. like a coward who accidentally saves a bunch of people. which basically means that heroes are failed failures.

sounds like i've got my next career planned.

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