Tuesday, June 23

cute little galactopus girl

seriously, i'm losing my fucking mind... just the other day, i felt pity for someone who came into the shack of beration... me... this is bad... if i'm not angry, i'm not making any fucking money... luckily, i managed to pull my indignation at not being angry into some semblance of anger and got a bit worked up...

after a morning of really boring, really stupid people wandering through the shack, in walks the cutest, sweetest, nicest little galactopus girl i have ever seen. normally, these things are cute as fuck... adorable little tentacles, big ol' eyes, skin flashing colors at you... no wonder people make plush dolls out of 'em... they're irresistible. but this one that came in really stood out.

and the poor little galactopus was crying and crying and crying... she had no one else to turn to... she didn't have much of anything for an offering, so she offered a tentacle (a well known aphrodisiac and sex toy).

while i ain't opposed to such devices, i'd rather they were already detached from their host... i politely refused and told her to get on with it.

turns out she has some shitty job with the galactopodean embassy somewhere on the upper decks (shoulda known by the clean look of her) that she toils at day and night... she's been there for years and can't seem to catch a break for promotion... when the position finally opened up, they told her flat out no, she wasn't qualified... and here we are... sad little galactopus girl...

i couldn't very well berate her here... well, at least i couldn't do it now... i think the old me could've but fuck if i know where that piece of shit has gone... but my rage was raising against this idiot boss of hers... how could you deny anything to this cute little galactopus girl... i suggested to her that perhaps, if she recommended her boss to come down the shack of beration, which is very vogue these days, i might be able to sort a few things out...

she thanked me profusely and scuttled off... meanwhile, the rest of the morons in line kept braying on about their turn in the shack. i was quite happy from the chance to help the cute little galactopus girl, which meant i couldn't perform my duty as the angry one, which then made me angry, which meant i could get on with it and proceeded to drive two-thirds of the queue to suicide... a successful day... especially as a lot of 'em never give the whole offering they planned to in the first place.

now we wait for cute little galactopus girl's boss... this'll be fun!


  1. thanks angry space man
    -g. girl

  2. Either you're getting louder at work or your efforts to disguise your life in posts is getting lazier.

    Either way, as a fan I will complain about this non-stop until something is done about it, because that is what "fans" do.


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