Monday, June 22

the shack of beration

my duties as 'the angry one' have been taking up more and more of my time. which is fine, as i don't really enjoy being a janitor anyway. besides skip and flappy can take care of most of that shit.

at any rate, i can't trust those morons completely, so i set up shop inside hangar 23, making a little cave out of shipping containers and floating lights... it's got a great, fucked up, half-assed feel to it, which is exactly what the idiots who keep coming to me want. plus i can keep an eye on the boys.

basically, it works like this, the followers queue up outside the 'shack of beration,' often for days... i'll decide if and when i'll bother showing up that day. on the days i do, i sit in the shack, and accept offerings... liquor, cash, drugs, gear, organs, whatever, though cash is best.

if i accept their offering, they are invited into the shack, where they sit on a very uncomfortable chair. there, they tell me whatever they like (bits of their life story, their dreams, their worries, their problems, blahblahblah) and i proceed to berate them for as long as i can keep it up...

essentially, my job is to make them feel as awful as i possibly can. most of the time i make them cry... but apparently there is some catharsis in it for them, which is good, i suppose.

i was concerned that maybe if they start feeling too good all the time, they'll stop coming to me, and stop giving me money and shit. but apparently, once you start getting abused, you just want more and more of it... sort of like exercise destroys your muscles, and makes you stronger, and then makes you need to lift more shit... this is the same thing. get torn down psychically, nice level of relaxation, recuperate, and then you need more abuse to get that same level of release.

one thing that is definitely worrying me, though, is that i am less angry all the time... i was even nice to flapjack the other day... bad omens... i'm not even cursing as much!

what the fuck is happening?

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