Wednesday, February 20

special guest blogger: frizzant skint... yay!

first of all, i want to clear up one thing: i don't know if i really believe that all these identical assholes who show up in my apartment, who manage to sneak past the well-installed security of two buzzer-controlled gates, and knock on my door, are actually from the future. it seems a bit weird to me, if i'm honest. but the one who showed up with the giant walking spongebob squarepants (granted a drunk, anal-fixated spongebob) convinced me.

i am not happy, however, about having to kill the rest of them. in theory, if i killed this one, i wouldn't have to kill any more of them. but there's something charming, in the familiar, body-odor, sort of charming, about this guy.

i guess i can murder a couple, just to see how it feels. if he lives in a world based on my ideas, i owe him that, at the very least. poor fucker.

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