Sunday, May 12

in which skint contemplates hunting the most dangerous game.

i remember as a kid that sad feeling that happened when parties were over, when houseguests packed up the car, when thanksgiving and christmas and new years and birthdays had played themselves out and the house became quiet and lonely and boring again... nothing special... nothing important. somehow i understood that living was when there were people around, new people, old people, strangers, friends. and without those gatherings we entered a horrible gray foamy inbetweeness. i hated that.

i woke up around 3am thinking and feeling those same thoughts and feelings... like i could practically hear that torment made real, a chirping, screeching horror.

then i realized there were squirrels fucking in my living room, who'd come in through the gaping hole in the wall. now i don't miss that janitor and his dishrag much at all.

so on we go, i guess.

the janitor left clear instructions. kill every version of him that showed up after he left. now i'm pretty sure he also said i'd need to be with spajjy to jump back and forth in time to make sure i got all of them, but ol' spongebob fuckface seems to be missing too. fair enough... i'll just start killing now and hopefully he'll show up before i'm too old to be of any use.

this does raise two difficult questions: 
1) where the fuck am i going to find these other janitors that i need to kill?

it doesn't seem practical to roam the streets asking if anyone has seen a janitor from the future. the guys did hint that they'd try to find me, since he had found me, so i really just need to sit tight, and the prey will come. 

2) how am i going to kill them?

if they're going to come straight to me, i guess i could buy a sniper rifle or something and just point it out the abyss in the corner of my apartment and shoot 'em on sight. 

or i could just drop masonry on them, since no one would be suspicious that way.

well... not suspicious the first time. but after a few dozen brick-murders, they might start asking questions. 

i'll worry about that when it comes to it.

for now, brick-murder it is.

i guess those questions weren't really difficult to answer. silly me.

time to wait.

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