Thursday, June 18

don't believe any prophecy you hear

as i've mentioned before, i've become the focus of a certain cult which regards me as 'the angry one.' this has not been too profitable, but it has been entertaining.
a few days ago, their leader, who can usually be found drumming up new recruits in the ragged parts of the station, came up to me to speak, privately. i obliged, mostly cuz he takes me to zargle's when he does this and gets me loaded... besides, he'll often bring one of the cuter members of the cult and offer her to me... this i can never complain about.

inevitably, these conversations are him fawning, trying to get some kind of prophetic wisdom or parable out of me. this time, though, he was acting very different. he was talking very straight, matter-of-fact, business like... no fawning, no worship, no adoration. and no cute girls.

wait a minute... something is wrong. then it occurred to me... i'd been suckered in too! and thought that he might have actually believed this shit... stupid fucking me!

he was blathering about money then i stopped him...

'how much did you take in last month?' i inquired.

he named a figure so high, that i could easily pay the loan sharks without having to enter skip in the roboderby and get him all fucked, which is rapidly approaching.

'where the fuck is my cut?'
'waddya mean?'
'yer using my good angry name making a fucking fortune and i get a couple of cheap whores every now and again, and a bad headache from zargle's fucked up home-brew?! fuck this... you owe me'

it turns out, that is exactly what he came to do... so now we are in business... we're in the process of writing our own bible, creating holidays and fabricating the entire origin of a religion, complete with rituals, liturgies, clergy, holidays and everything... this is serious fucking shit... and i'm getting a piece of the action now...

glory be to me!

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