Sunday, May 3

another pointless task

the thing about a station this size is that it's a work in progress, which is a more polite way of saying it's falling apart. it's so fucking big that if we had waited to move into until it was finished, i'd be an impotent, drooling old man before i stepped foot off the shuttle in hangar 23.

the station is built from the bottom up, so the oldest levels are the lowest levels, and get younger as you rise. what happens is, when some new fancy technology becomes available, and a piece of our station becomes obsolete, they jettison the old one, which is usually one of the lower levels, and stick the new one on top. so the shit always ends up at the bottom.

all this is fascinating, i know, but hear me out.

they're dropping the bottom layer tomorrow, which was some old refugee camp or quarantine or something unsavory. no damn idea what they are adding, probably a prostate massage parlor.

the stupid bit is we have to clean the entire fucking level. all janitorial is on extra shifts making sure the fucking deck is polished and fucking clean... so that tomorrow at 2300 hours they can dump the rusting piece of shit, haul it to the closest star and dump the fucker in.

how this place makes any money i will never fucking know...

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