Wednesday, April 22

a delicious turn of events

sometimes fortune smiles on those who deserve, those tireless souls who try to fix the world, make people happy, unite the species and foster peace and understanding.

those days are awful, those people are pathetic and fortune can go fuck herself... it's much better when people like me get a little luck, like last night.

this whole skip thing has become a bit of a pain in the ass. i didn't want to turn him off, as i wasn't sure i'd be able to get him back online. so i invited an engineer up here, with the promise of some sweet sweet drugs if he could give ol' skip a diagnostic. the fellow checked him out and said it shouldn't be a problem. which was good.

sometimes, even i want a little peace and quiet. so i finally shut him off, just for night. sliding him out of his groove, i noticed a little light coming out of the floor.

sure enough, skip had bore a small hole straight through my floor. and what do you suppose was underneath my bunk? the women's changing room for the gym. happy fucking days.

this is going to make me some money. i'm gonna tell skip about it in the morning, the broken little bastard!

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