Thursday, April 30

trouble at the old watering hole

i often run into some problems with strangers... the problem being that they end up listening to my conversations (about them) and get offended. it's not my damn fault that they've been eavesdropping on my private discourses.

shitzilla and i were over at zargle's gargle, one of the shit boozers near hangar 23. this whole space monkey virus thing had gotten me down, the way everyone was getting all angry and paranoid over the monkeys and the miners, so i thought i'd show my solidarity with space-ape kind and hang out with shitzilla. also, i wanted to get very, very drunk and he just happened to be the simian to do it with.

so, s and i were hanging, drinking and having a discussion. not much of one as he ain't a great conversationalist, but you get the drift. so in walks this really ugly creature. female, i assume, but with some of these species you can never fucking tell... anyway, two really uptight, spaced-out fucking artsy trash on the stools next to us start talking about how beautiful she is... oh my, she's so beautiful... so unusual looking... it's so beautiful, we should paint it.. yes, or take a photo... or write a poem... or get a holo done... and so on and so on.

so i mention to shitzilla, quite loudly, how annoying it is when stupid people call ugly people beautiful, like they're compensating for something. i go on about this for a bit, thinking i've got a good rant on. he gives a chuckle and downs his drink. so i think i'm all clever.

the next thing i know i am on the floor, staring up at the monster's crotch. turns out whatever weird species she was, has fucking incredible hearing, because she's thrashing me all over the place, while shitzilla just keeps laughing and drinking my fucking drink.

naturally, no one comes to help. only when this she-bitch throws me up against the wall with the booze bottles and they get smashed up does zargle get in, and that's to throw me out. bastard. can't blame him though, i don't wanna tango with that monster again.

shitzilla joined me and we finished getting fucked up in hangar 23, with the force shield on and the airlock open. good times indeed.

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  1. Maybe you are a little chippy Angry Spaceman cause you aren't in touch with your own creativity....perhaps you should take up life drawing I hear they have free classes in Hanger 69


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