Wednesday, April 15

explosive decompression... hell yes

i've mentioned before that we have this artificial sunrise system that wakes us up. it works for most of the people most of the time, but rarely me. i've gotten used to waking at 3 am and staring out the window, the stars poked by god's own hand in the velvet, comets fly by on their thousand year orbits, reminding me of the majesty of the universe and why i came here in the first place....

wait, i don't have a window. i have to stare at a dirty grating, which clangs whenever the night robo-skips bang their way down the hallway. anyway, comets are disgusting, frozen snowballs full of galactic trash and god can go fuck himself.

this morning, was different. i didn't wake up at 3am. i woke up at 9, a respectable time, and as i opened my eyes, i began to praise our artificial sun man, Wiggins. that lasted all of 3 seconds when i realized i was being sucked off my bed, into the hallway and down it at breakneck speed, along with everything else that wasn't bolted or velcroed down.

massive hull breach. turns out some fucktard alien rich kid, got high on whatever designer drug I could never afford, and crashed his daddy's star-skipper straight into the morgue, which is conveniently about 100 yards from my berth.

i hate this fucking place.

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